The Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development is an interdisciplinary journal, open to collaboration, participatory learning, and which offers graduates and younger scholars opportunities in both editorial experience as well as publication. The Journal’s editors-in-chief are supported by the Journal Editorial Board. The Board maintains local oversight through The Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development, and an international oversight through the prestigious Journal International Advisory Board.

Guest editors manage the special issues, around two a year. These are governed by the Editorial Policy for Guest Editors, and benefit from the close oversight of the Editors-in-Chief and select members of the Journal Editorial Board.


Dr Rajnaara Akhtar

Dr Rajnaara Akhtar

Faculty of Business and Law
De Montfort University

Dr Jonathan Vickery

Dr Jonathan Vickery

Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies
University of Warwick

A Statement from the Editors-in-Chief

At the Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development we consider academic publication to be an expression of intellectual integrity and are committed to the highest standards of research probity and rigour in method.

We view interdisciplinary research as an ethical commitment to critical thought as well as to a publicly accessible clarity of communication.

We believe in knowledge as a power for global solidarity, collaboration and recognition, and that a university is a unique institution for the generation of new ideas, theories, experimentation and a central contribution to building a humane, enlightened global civil society.