The Journal encourages new research methods, innovation, critical thinking as well as scholarly and scientific forms of research writing. We encourage visual illustration, photography and narrative-based forms of research and analysis.

Portrait by Zeng Chang
Portrait by Zeng Chang

Our aims are:

  • To be a global public resource, and contribute to the empowerment of global civil society through knowledge, education and the critical interrogation of global development and its consequences.
  • To construct dialogue, collaboration and collegiality between scholars, researchers, intellectuals, development workers and activists in the Global South and Global North.

Particular objectives include:

  • To engage with, and promote, younger and particularly female, scholars in the Global South.
  • To connect local knowledge and the knowledge generated by practical development work with critical epistemologies.
  • To adopt a radically contextual analysis of issues and themes, making specialised research relevant to other disciplines, and readable to an informed public.
  • To interrogate the relation between theory and practice in relation to questions of social justice, power, governance and development.